Norton.Com/Setup is a specialized url for customer who have just purchased Norton Security and wants to download Norton Setup to install on their computers. To be able to download Norton Setup from this url user must have an active account with Norton if not user can still create a new account to download Norton Antivirus Setup. Once you have an active account then visit norton.com/setup, login into your Norton Account and enter the license code in specified field to download Norton Security Setup.


Norton has wide range of pc security products starting from Norton Security which is the basic product. Norton Security with Backup offers addition storage to securely back up your data on the cloud.


Norton Setup is a small file that you need to download to Install Norton Antivirus on your computer. As soon as you run the Norton Setup on your computer it will start Norton Install command on your PC or Mac. Norton Setup might need to download additional files from Norton server to complete Norton Antivirus Setup on your computer. Norton Setup might take up to 30 minutes to download and install Norton Security on your computer so be patient while it is working and do not interrupt.

Norton Setup Install


If you are facing any kind of problem while downloading Norton Setup, our certified Norton Install experts are always there to assist you with any kind of problem you might have with Norton Antivirus.



Norton Antivirus installation is very easy thing to do but still you might face problems while downloading and installing Norton Setup from the specified url www.norton.com/setup but do not worry, our certified team of professionals is always there to install and configure Norton Setup on your computer. All you need to do is to call our Norton Setup team and get connected with one of the live technician who will then guide you step by step.


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I have spent hours trying to download Norton Setup but failed to do so. I just called Norton Install team and they did it for me in 20 minutes only. Highly recommended…
Claudia Funk
New York, USA
I am not sure what I was doing wrong while installing Norton Setup on my computer but Norton Setup was just not working. I would really recommend this team to everyone…
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